Saturday, March 24, 2007

What's a Moderate Muslim?

There's one word that stuck out like a sore thumb from the CBC's coverage of the MCC death threat:

A moderate Muslim group that called for a separation of religion and state in a recent documentary has received a pointed death threat. (Emphasis added)

I wonder who at the CBC decided the MCC was a moderate Muslim group? Perhaps it was an inside job. MCC founder Tarek Fatah's daughter, Natasha, is a producer at the national broadcaster. Or maybe it wasn't.

And by labelling the MCC as a moderate Muslim group, where does that leave the rest -- the majority -- of Canadian Muslims who don't agree with the MCC? Of course, if the MCC's positions are moderate, then certainly any group or individual that holds an opinion that is opposite of their's is implicitly an extremist or radical.

Want proof?

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Thank you very much, CBC. You've just alienated the majority of the country's (growing) Muslim population.

Also, if you think about it, the MCC isn't really a moderate Muslim group. Examine the spectrum of Muslim in Canada and the MCC is on the extreme left and the folks who might be inclined towards terrorism and take everything very very literally are on the extreme right. In the middle are the majority of the country's Muslims, represented by groups like CAIR, CIC, CMF, COMO, etc.

So who's the extremist now? Certainly the Muslim Canadian Congress is an extremist group -- on the left. A group of radical, extremist, leftist Muslims, wrestling for free publicity by smearing other Muslim groups and intimidating ordinary Muslims who don't agree with them and their tactics. And in the middle of the spectrum are Canada's moderate, everyday Muslims who go about their daily business, practicing their faith without hurting anyone, through actions or words. wrote about this earlier.

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