Friday, March 23, 2007

What has the Muslim Canadian Congress done for Quebec Muslims lately?

The Muslim Canadian Congress was in the news again today. This time, founder Tarek Fatah was commenting on the niqab voting controversy in Quebec. Of course, he could never support such a blatantly Islamic concept, so he had to come out in full force to make it clear that this was ridiculous and a mockery of his religion (Islam, presumably). He also pointed out that women in Pakistan don't even get to vote with their niqabs on.

Fatah can't seem to get his priorities straight. Either that, or his map of Canada has Quebec carved out. The reasonable accommodation debate has been raging in Quebec for months and there have been a string of Muslim-related issues in the news lately (i.e. hijab & soccer, hijab & prison guard, Muslims & sugar shacks, etc.). Yet, Fatah and the MCC have been practically mute on the issues, except for this article. No action to defend the rights of Canadian Muslims who wish to practice Islam; only words that appease the intolerant and add fuel to the debate.

This does not come as a surprise though. Despite what they try to portray themselves as (progressive, open-minded, freedom-loving Muslims), the MCC has shown it isn't really open-minded at all by choosing to promote certain rights while campaigning against others. A prime example: the MCC is a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage but just as vocal (if not more) campaigner against the niqab (how about this appeal: "Reject the Niqab"?)

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